My name is Maryella Blundo, the creator and CEO of Dream Come True Travel.

With the encouragement of my family and friends, I created a thriving Travel Business. I decided to risk everything and start my own travel company. I am now on my eight year and so far business has been very successful. Having been in the travel industry since 1981, I have experienced many wars, terrorist activities, several presidential elections, been married, and divorced, created my ultimate dream, owning my own company and still was able to take care of my now, 14 year old son, travel and enjoy life.

Dream Come True Travel caters to Families young and old, large and small, Women regenerating there lives, looking for renewal and adventure, Corporations looking for the 24/7 special touch.

Wedding adventurers, looking to beat the economy and start a life with a very unique flair, can come to us for Destination Wedding. Less expensive, very unusual and ultimately romantic.

We also handle corporate outings, and meetings and incentives for the corporate executive who does not have time to handle the details.

Of course we issue the regular airline and train tickets, book hotels, and cars, plus create the ultimate vacation adventure from start to finish. If you can name it, we can arrange it.

I look forward to arranging travel for you all.

Large booking engines and impersonal customer service is not what we are all about. Email me and I will answer you personally within 24 hours of your request.

Call me today to make your travel dreams come alive!

Maryella Blundo

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